6 week boot camp

 Do you want to learn how to fine tune or learn how to organize your business?

This 6 week boot camp will teach you how to use the worksheets

I will teach you how to

-plan your day, and week.TIME MANAGEMENT form included, Daily TO DO list included

-How to take orders (form included)

-Workshop registrations! How to track and process them in a timely manner. I will go over how to track registrations and organize everything needed for the workshop (form included)

-Tracking finances! very crucial so you can see where your money is going and also pricing your projects.

The last week will be putting it ALL into action and time for Q and  A and me helping you put it to work for you.

 Max Capacity for the boot camp is 15 so that i can focus on each and every one of you and help you ALL get the most out of the course