What is a Fundraiser?

Are you looking to raise money for your school or organization?

No need to look any further! The Spotted Owl Can help :)


Here is how a fundraiser works:

1) Book the date

2) You will be given a link to share with your participants to register for a project and pay for it in full- promoting this link on Social media will help make your event a success

3) Projects available are

Blanket Ladder

Growth Boards

Name Signs

Patriotic faux shiplap Signs

Pallet Trays

Planter boxes

Farm House Board sign

Porch Leaners

Round Trays

4) The Spotted Owl will Donate 25% of the total Sales

5) I will travel for the fundraiser for a fee- Distance at my discretion

6) Minimum guest amount to be considered a fund raiser is 24 Maximum amount  at my location is 60