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The Spotted Owl

BROWN Faux fur gnome beard

BROWN Faux fur gnome beard

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These beautiful faux fur beards ensure your gnome has the best looking beard in town.

Each faux fur beard is cut by hand so no two beards will be identical, and no imperfections will be seen from the front. Each beard backing will run approximately 3.5 x 3.5 inches. Length measured includes longest piece of fur from the top cut of the beard and can be approximately 5-7 inches depending on pile length.

Each beard is hand combed/brushed and cleaned as much as possible from the shedding that does occur with faux fur. Even though we clean each beard you can expect some light shedding around the cut edges. Shedding on all faux fur is normal and expected - we do what we can to provide clean cuts while preserving the beard shape and fur to the backing!

We carry many different styles and colors. In order to offer you a large variety, many of our faux furs come from different suppliers so you will experience variations in thickness, pile length, backings, and feel. Don't worry, we only choose the best!
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